Art entered my life around the age of ten; my first medium being pencils. I enjoyed replicating cartoon characters and as time went by, it turned into commissioned pencil portraits. I discovered my love for acrylics after completing a basic painting course, and then dived into the world of digital art with the purchase of my first Tablet.

My inspiration comes from nature, in particular, the beautiful sunsets of my home, Trinidad and Tobago as well as the myriad of experiences I encounter throughout my life. I thoroughly enjoy exploring my subjects (or things) in their truest form, as well as bridging the gap between dreams and reality. Through the process of creating, my mind is silenced and nothing in the world can compare to that overwhelming feeling of peace.

I hope you enjoy my pieces and thank you for visiting!

– Kimberlee Aliasgar

A Kimberlee in kimono with a tomato.

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